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Highlighting “pandemic opportunities”

  • Mshelia Yusuf
  • 10th Sep, 2020

Highlighting “pandemic opportunities”

The COVID-19 has affected governments and institutions in a very disruptive manner that has been recognized as a general setback to the order of operations in most organizations. Every sector has its share of this disruption that can hardly be quantified by way of its enormity. CNN reported that many organizations may not recover from this setback in many years to come.
However, it does not have to play out like that. Many companies across several sectors have come out strong in the said disruption, with increased revenue generation. Many banks and corporations in the US, UK, etc have since adjusted to a new normal and even more economic business model resulting from the current situation. What then is/are the distinguishing factor(s) for these emerging corporation that have withstood this challenge?  It is largely about understanding the business/operation season and aligning to what works.
First, let us clarify the business season and then what works for the season.
Before the pandemic, several businesses operations take the path of physical processes and activities, however, the distress of health challenges have made many withdraw such services. As a result, the season calls for different approach to keeping a consistent business operation with as much less physical engagement. Because different operations take multiple turns, there is need to adopt an operation/business model that beats the challenges of the season. Even though we can come out of the challenges of the current season with time, the consequence of its antecedents will pave a new way of business. Reverting to the previous ways will mean subjecting oneself to the susceptibility of falling prey to unanticipated future occurrences of health challenges and other similar issues that can interrupt business success.
Hence, the need for innovative approaches that keeps one afloat in business irrespective of location, type of physical or environmental challenge, or even accessibility restrictions to business services or product. Doing this comes with its challenges, and that is why the use of technologies that suppresses cost, improves profitability and opens up a global market with a wide range of potentials and possibilities is what to look forward to. This is a credible and inextinctive channel of survival is this pandemic season and beyond – technologies.
Software technologies in forms of e-commerce sites, service mobile applications, e-logistics, business management systems that allows for execution of business processes from off-physical-office space, etc.
Don’t be left out, don’t let your idea and business die just because you lack the innovation. Reach out to your innovation/solutions technologist and we (or any other) may be more helpful than you thought possible.

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